Intermediate Ballet

Julian Rachal
River City Fine Arts Academy, Inc.: Room 1 (location map)
Tuesday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
08/07/18 - 04/30/19 (39 weeks)

 Level II dancers will begin class with stretches in the center specific to strengthening the feet. They will then go to the ballet barre to work on basic technique, as well as, learn more detailed combinations, involving port de bras (use of upper body, head, and arms). Dancers will be encouraged to count the music and name the steps. They will begin learning about turnout and correct body placement. They will expand their repertoire of jumps in simple form at the barre. Center work will consist of combining three or more steps and dancers will work to improve their turns through spotting and proper use of the arms. Corner work will combine two or more steps which travel across the floor. They will learn the names of important muscles used in ballet and be given literature on anatomy for dancers. Class time will be spent learning basic floor barre technique and stretching specific to the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and back muscles. For the last few minutes of each class, dancers will have an opportunity to use pantomime and ballet combinations to act out different excerpts from classical ballets. As dancers progress from Beginning to Intermediate to Advanced, the time spent at the barre is longer and more focus is placed on body placement and ballet terminology.